Monday, 1 August 2016

Story board of duck overboard

LI:to identify the main ideas in a text

1/7/16: today I made a storyboard about the story duck over board. It Is fun.We need to put the main ideas in oder in a little text.


  1. Hi Brianna your blog post sounds interesting good work
    Theres no mistakes and the words are perfect i like your poster
    its conferment to read good job Brianna.

  2. Great work Brianna, well done on finding these main ideas in the text. Good pictures to show them as well.

  3. Hi brianna I like your work it is nice and good I like how you did the shapes then going on to the internet and getting some images it is saving time doing other work and thing keep it up and don't give up on your safe if you work hard then you can do better things in your live good work.

  4. thank you joel,mr o,and avolon for the lovley comments