Tuesday, 18 October 2016

simple,complex and compound

Sentence - how would you react if you see a candy bar with powers


Paragraph 1
Once there was a Candy bar that was in new york ,but he was not just any ordinary candybar ,but had super powers.
The candy bar never had a friend. Although candy bar lived in the sewers, for some days the candybar  sneaked in a alley way .the candy bar wished that he was a human with superpowers.
That was his only dream in the candy bars life.

Paragraph 2
One day the candy bar tried to do a disguise to get food , but when he got back to the sewers a little boy followed the candy bar.the boy ask the candy bar “hello sir”. “Ahh” said the candybar.  As the candy bar ran away from the boy, then the boy started crying.the candy bar heard the boy cry and felt so sorry for the little the candy bar went to the boy ,then took him outside the sewers trying to find his mother that the boy was with before he  than
followed the candy bar.the candy bar grabbed the boy's hand then said “hang on”.the boy hanged on to the candy bar’s hand and then the candy bar went up to the sky like a blazing rocket .

Paragraph 3
The candy bar ask the boy if he could see his mom.the boy pointed to rihanna the singer. “Is rihanna your mom”.ask the candy bar. “No not rihanna the one next to her”.oh okay. so the candy bar flew to the mother ,but the mother never sawed him and kept walking to her apartment.the candy bar used its super speed and he was fast like a cheetah.when the candy bar made it to her apartment and knock on her door. “Hello miam I think this is your sun” said the candy bar.the mother then hugged the boy and said thank you sir to the candy bar.
So that is the end of the candy bar with super powers.but is that his only journey he will have?will there be anyone how can save other world problems.It can only be SUPER CANDY BAR  


  1. Hi brianna i like your work on Narrite it is so long and I like it I hope you keep up with the great learning and I love it.

  2. Hi Brianna i love you narrtive i think next time you should have a blurb so it can tell people what you are learning i like how you coloued it so people know what part is complex,compound and simple i think you did a great job