Friday, 11 November 2016

film festival 2016

On Wensday it was film festival.I got so exited to see other movies from other school in are cluster.I liked the making choices movie from tamaki primary. i had really fun on the buses to travel their.     

blog comment to tamaki

 This week LS1 had to comment to schools in a cluster after the film festival 2016.


LI:How technology expands human development
this week we done flight for inquiry. we learnt about rockets with mr O .I am in team A so we are with mr O for inquiry


how planes fly

LI: to identify features of an explanation text
LI: to infer information from the text.
this week for inquiry we have been doing flight. so for reading we read a book about how planes fly


LI: to accurately collect data

this week we had to make charts of maths groups in lS1 on witch animal they like the most.  

Compare & Contrast

LI:to understand the purpose of an explanation

this week for writing we done a compare and contrast of a information report.we also learnt about it. we had to make a   explanation and a report on a  ven  diagram.    

Thursday, 3 November 2016