Friday, 11 March 2016

brianna's KWL on wallabies

This is my KWL On wallabies.KWL means  know, want  , learned.

Friday, 4 March 2016

science planing house

The bush

    The bush

Once there was a boy named Tom. He had a friend named Anna. They went to the same school. It was the Easter holiday coming up. Tom asked Anna if she wanted to go with him to the bush. Anna said “yes”. When it was the Easter holidays, Tom went to the bush and he saw Anna by a tree with three claw scratches. “Is there a bear? tom”, questioned Anna. “Stop being silly”. answered Tom. They both went in the bush.

There were two paths. One led to trees and the other one went to a lake. Tom and Anna went to the lake path to have a swim.It was getting dark.  Anna and Tom couldn't see anything. Anna had a match box. Then she lit a match. They got lost. Tom said to Anna “Go left”. Then when they went left they saw a BEAR!. “A BEAR’’! yelled Anna. “ RUN ANNA”, shouted tom. “AH”, they both shouted. They both went right where the road was. The bear was running towards them. The bear was hungry and he wanted to eat Tom and Anna
. When Anna and Tom ran to a phone box. Anna rang her parents and they went to get Tom and Anna. When Anna’s parents had arrived they saw the bear and drove off in a flash. Anna’s mother called the bear hunters and they came to kill the bear.When they got to Anna’s house they saw the bear and got a sniper. They shot the bears head and then Anna’s parents rang tom's mother. When they rang Tom’s mother she picked him up. Anna went to Tom and kiss him on the cheek and tom was smiling for ages. Tom went  to his house .

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

basic facts results

this is my first can see I have got two Ron and 18 right.

this is my second result.I have got two Ron and 17 right.

this is my third result . have got none Ron and 19 right.
altogether we have 6 Ron and 58 right.